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Äter donkenmat mhm framsteg bitches



There is a magical beauty to some abandoned places.

1) Abandoned ship in Canary Islands

2) Abandoned home in New Orleans

3) Abandoned Belgian chateau

4) Abandoned operating room

5) Abandoned home in Poland

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Unknown (via hplyrikz)

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Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care.





a new zine called shitty horoscopes that i’ll be premiering this year at the Toronto Queer Zine Fair, among other things! hopefully i’ll make volumes available for online purchase soon. credit where credit is due: this was inspired by the huge number of made-up horoscopes floating around tumblr lately, and angry-poems.

yup, the Libra one is pretty accurate

The Aquarius one <3


i stopped caring when i was like 3

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